Active Tribe Studio encourages students to be ACTIVE!

Our mission is to see the youth of today moving and being active. We are passionate to create fun, interactive classes that promote self-awareness, mindfulness, confidence and a healthier lifestyle. Students will gain skills such as strength, stamina, coordination, stillness, agility, motivation, meditation, persistence, discipline and teamwork!

Our studio is a recreational studio where students and adults can dance, cheer or be active just for fun and without all the hassles of competitions! Active Tribe members will gain more than just physical and mental skills, they will develop friendships and a love for a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Come join one of our active classes to get moving or if it is dancing you love, then come join one of our recreational dance or cheer classes!

Tribe = Family! We would love you to join our Active Tribe Fam!

Let’s work together to become a more Active society!